Please click below to obtain a Container Garden Contest entry form.

Prizes for the 2017 Container Garden Contest were generously provided by the following businesses:

​Whirlpool Jet Boats Tours
Upstate Gardeners Journal
H.A. Triechler & Sons, Inc.
Wayside Nursery and Landscaping
A-1 Landcare, Inc.
Stedmans Nurseries
Zehr’s on the Lake
Faery’s Nursery

O’Connor Family Greenhouse


GardenFest Window Display Contest

​Lewiston businesses can participate in a Window Display Contest this year to help the Lewiston Garden Club celebrate the 13th annual GardenFest.




2018 GardenFest Speakers/Demonstrations 

                        Located in the Community Tent in front of the Frontier House

Saturday, June 16 th at 11:00 AM 

Saturday June 16th at 2:00 PM -

Sunday June 17th at 2:00 PM   

Gardening Resources in Hennepin Park

Usually a Master Gardener will represent the Cornell Cooperative Extension. He/she will be located in the Gazebo in Hennepin Park to answer gardening questions and test soil.

Floral Societies will  also be located in Hennepin Park to assist you.

The Container Contest is judged by the public during the two-day event, and the People's Choice awards will be presented, Sunday at 4 pm. The terrific prizes are donated by local business and garden centers.  Join us and show us your creativity.

You are invited to participate in this contest by bringing your special garden in a planter, a crock, a tub, or any funky container that appeals to you.

Container Garden Contest

Daily Activities

Think you don’t have a green thumb? Afraid to try creating a big garden? Always wanted to have your own little garden spot? Then here is the solution to your dilemma: the Fifth Annual Garden Fest Container Contest  sponsored by the Lewiston Garden Club.

June 2018

Coming to Historic Center Street, in Lewiston, NY 
June 2018

Lewiston GardenFest